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How to strengthen your immune system?

How to reinforce your immune system by Hilde De Smet and Peter van den  Broucke - taken away from YouTube - this is the downloaded version

March 2020


As a medical doctor, I feel compelled to speak to you in these times of confusion and to share this information. If you find it useful, use it, and if not, you are free to put it aside.

What can we do to strengthen our immune system, so as not to feel helplessly at the mercy of this great, invisible, microscopic enemy that is ubiquitous, in the air we breathe, in every handshake, every kiss, every human contact? Like rats in a trap, we feel short of breath, with or without a virus. Our current medical system does not have adequate answers to this viral pandemic. Hygiene, isolation, and supporting vital functions in the seriously ill.  We have the anti-malaria drug chloroquine, which now has also been quarantined and is only available on a limited basis. We also have a number of antivirals, but these take an average of 12 days to really work.

One positive note: this pandemic calls worldwide for solidarity, protection of the weaker in our society, for whom all must now do an effort.

But is there really nothing we can do to strengthen ourselves, support our immune system,  in prevention and when we do get the virus? 

Certainly there is (see further in this letter), but why is there no attention to this in the media, in our health care? Are we so remote from the basics of health, that should start with ourselves, strengthening the “terrain” instead of fighting the “enemy”? Mosquitoes search for stagnant water,  but they disappear when the water flows clear again. When the rubbish dump is cleaned up, the rats leave. Are they the cause of the problem or the consequence?

For hundreds, thousands of years, our ancestors have used natural remedies to protect ourselves from disease and to heal ourselves. We are part of a larger system. Why is there so little interest in this today? One of the answers is, "because there is not enough evidence that these remedies work, there are insufficient studies…." However, large-scale studies have never been set up to measure the effect of these remedies. The result of this is, that an enormous potential for medicines and reinforcing agents is simply put aside, forgotten ...


How to strenghten our immune system in prevention?

Home, garden and kitchen remedies to support your immune system and to fight infections






Garden nasturtium (indian cress or monk's cress)

Mushrooms * (shiitake, reishi, maitake, coriolus versicolor, but also the common mushroom or champignon!)


Green tea

Black currant

Elderflowers and berries *

Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables (citrus fruits, papaya, cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, red and yellow peppers, chili peppers, fresh parsley, cress, kiwi, pineapple, chives ...) - preferably as little processed and heated as possible. The longer stored in the refrigerator, the fewer vitamins in it.

* Due to a rare complication during a corona infection, a cytokine storm (an extreme reaction of the immune system), it is advisable, as a precaution, to take these substances only for prevention and not during infection.


Get sunlight !!! In this season, the UV index is generally low so you can sunbathe without damage.  If you live in a country with strong exposure to sunlight, do it in the morning or in the evening or on a cloudy day. Also get sunlight on your chest, belly, back….  without sunscreen. Sunlight stimulates vitamin D production, which is crucial for the immune system. Most people are deficient in vitamin D. Sunlight also stimulates our production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Melatonin deficiencies are linked by some scientists to an increased risk of severe symptoms associated with a corona infection. 

Sunlight also restores the electromagnetic balance in our cells (see the work of Dr. Zane Kime and F.A. Popp). People who cannot tolerate the sun usually have a shortage of beneficial fatty acids (Johanna Budwig). Take a few tablespoons of linseed, perilla or inca inchi oil a day. (Do not heat these oils, store them in the refrigerator and do not store for too long.) Or take a supplement of algae oil or spirulina. Nuts and seeds also provide beneficial fatty acids.


Exercise sufficiently, walking stimulates the lymphatic system and the immune system.


Herbs and supplements (go for quality: your specialized pharmacy or health food store can certainly help you with this)

Echinacea *

Cat's Claw


Andrographis (kalmegh or king of bitters)

Betaglucans * (including from mushrooms)

Vitamin C (preferably in a natural form such as from rose hips, acerola, camu camu, amla berries ...)

Vitamin D*

Propolis (the natural glue that bees use)


Selenium (or eat 5-10 Brazil nuts every day)

Colloidal silver

Kombucha (buy kombucha with living bacteria!)



Evaporate essential oils in your home and bedroom: thyme (thymol), sage, oregano, basil, juniper, eucalyptus, tea tree ...)

* Due to a rare complication during a corona infection, a cytokine storm (an extreme reaction of the immune system), it is advisable, as a precaution, to take these substances only for prevention and not during infection.

Take care of your intestine (80% of the immune system is located at the level of the intestines!):

  1. Use fermented products rich in probiotics (sauerkraut, fermented vegetables, shoyu, tamari, tempeh, natto, miso, apple cider vinegar, almond or coconut yogurt, kombucha, water kefir….).

  2. Try to eat enough vegetable fibers (nutrition for beneficial gut bacteria) - increase slowly the amount to avoid flatulence

  3. Limit animal products (milk, cheese, meat). Avoid processed foods rich in additives but poor in nutritional value.

  4. Eat as much as possible fresh, unprocessed and organic food.

  5. Fill 70 - 80% of your plate with vegetables. Limit bread.


Avoid the use of sugar - sugar lowers the resistance


Replenish your micro nutrients so that your body can perform all its metabolic processes optimally.


  1. Fresh vegetable juices (easily digestible!) or greens (in powder form - wheatgrass - spirulina ...) provide a lot of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes ...) and help detoxify

  2. Sprouting (easy to grow them yourself)



Take a cold shower regularly - this strengthens the immune system (gradually accustom your body to the cold, wet your legs and chest first - build up to 30 seconds or more)

Get fresh air , ventilate your home. Proper breathing strengthens the immune system.


- Get enough sleep and rest. 

Handle electromagnetic radiation consiously. (Peter van den Broucke)                                                                     

We live in a world of electromagnetic radiation. The human body is a subtle biological organism that on the one hand needs nutrients, but also works on electromagnetic signals. The radiation that comes from nature, to which we have adapted for millions of years, has a beneficial effect on our body. But in the meantime we have introduced many forms of artificial radiation, which have an influence on our body and against which our system must be able to react in order to stay healthy. One of the scientific avenues why this corona virus spreads so quickly and why some people are extremely vulnerable to it, is linked to the introduction of this technical, man made EM radiation and 5G, as in Wuhan, Italy, the USA and other countries.                                                                                                                                           

You may continue to use your smartphone, PC or WiFi. After all they have many useful applications, and today in many countries, it is one of the rare ways to stay in touch with our fellow human beings. But handle it consciously.                                                                                                                                                              Some useful and practical advice that doesn't cost money.

  1. Avoid wearing the mobile phone directly on the body. Keep your smartphone out of your pocket and place it at least 1 meter away. As a result, you reduce the radiation load by a factor of 1000. After all, your mobile phone uses the same type of radiation as a microwave oven.

  2. Make a call with an earpiece, preferably not with Bluetooth, and avoid making calls with the device on the ear. Avoid a weak signal, because at that time your phone will need more energy to connect to the antenna.

  3. Turn on the airplane mode when you sleep or rest. Also do this on tablets, for example, if you allow your children to play games.

  4. Turn off the WiFi at night.

  5. Switch off the home spot function on your WiFi signal.

  6. Turn off Bluetooth. Avoid using a mobile in the car and the train. Your device will need much more power and you can notice this as it heats up faster.

  7. If possible, replace your DECT home phone with a corded device.

  8. Avoid electrical appliances in your bedroom, such as a mobile, TV, radio alarm clock, baby monitor, electric blanket,…. This is very important for children. At night your body goes into recovery mode, and then you should try to keep out as many harmful influences as possible from your bedroom.

  9. Be grounded regularly.  The positive ions that our body collects, including from electrosmog, can be exchanged for negative ions from the earth's surface. Walk outside barefoot and absorb healthy radiation in nature.


Drink more water.  (Peter van den Broucke)

We consist of 80% water. So water is incredibly important to perform all our bodily functions. You need water to dissolve and transport nutrients to the body cells and to eliminate waste products from the body through the lymphatic system. If your body contains too little water, it will have to store waste products inside the body. And sooner or later this will lead to complaints. You can drink water or get it from watery vegetables and fruits. All other drinks cannot replace water. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, milk or fruit juices are no substitutes for water. Coffee and alcoholic drinks dehydrate you. It is best to compensate this by drinking water. Soft drinks will strongly acidify your body.

- Research has shown that emotions such as gratitude and joy positively influence the immune system. Find reasons to be grateful, watch comedies, laugh, focus on what is going well….


Meditation and relaxation have a positive effect on the immune system.


Enjoy these weeks of “mandatory rest”. We have all focused for so many years on the outside world, on performance, seeking our fulfillment outside ourselves, that we have forgotten how good it can be with ourselves, in our intimate circle.

How to support our immune system during an infection?

- Fever has a function, it stimulates the immune system and helps - by increasing the body temperature - to kill viruses and bacteria. Only use antipyretics if the fever becomes too high or if the discomfort becomes too great. Preferably take paracetamol (up to 2-3 g / day), since aspirin and NSAIDs (ibuprofen, diclofenac….) may increase the risk of serious side effects during a viral infection.

- Don't eat too much or eat light food so the body can put its energy into the immune system instead of into digestion.

- Apply the advice above, except for -as a precaution- some herbs and supplements. Due to a rare complication during a corona infection, a cytokine storm (an extreme reaction of the immune system), it is advisable, as a precaution, to take the following substances only for prevention and NOT during a corona infection:

  1. echinacea

  2. elderberry

  3. medicinal mushrooms

  4. vitamin D


"We are at war," the French President Macron said. If so, it is not with this invisible, microscopic enemy, but with our current view on health and disease, with little attention to the basics of health: diet, natural remedies, lifestyle and above all a healthy environment. Instead of being defenseless victims, it is time to take on our responsibility, to empower ourselves again, instead of being constrained by fear. We are no defenseless victims, let us focus on what we do control.


Since half a year I stopped my practice as a medical doctor to focus on giving courses on health and vitality. I contacted all Flemish health insurance funds with a request for a partial compensation, to lower the financial threshold for people, but there was little interest or budget for this. Also from the government there is little interest to invest in preventive health care. Less than 3% of the health care budget goes to prevention. However, studies have shown that 1 euro invested in prevention, yields 4 euros in the public purse.

In contrast, what will be the cost of this pandemic? For the care for the seriously ill and to restore the economy?

Isn't it time to ask some questions? To consider a shift of our mindset?

From fear to confidence? From victimization to self-reliance? To give more attention in the education of future medical doctors to prevention, nutrition, supporting our metabolism with natural substances? To invest money in scientific studies on nutrition, herbs and nutritional supplements? To reverse the role of a medical doctor from "savior" to health counselor? To invest in education? To shift the orientation within the healthcare system and reorganize our budgets?


Thank you for sharing this letter to family, friends or colleagues.


Hopeful greetings in uncertain times,


Hilde De Smet



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